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  • Market research and domain expertises
  • Strategic planning of product development
  • Flexible multistage development and implementation
  • Prioritization of fast, high-quality product delivery
  • Intuitive, aesthetically and ergonomically optimized UI
  • Rapid UI prototyping
  • Functionality combined with simplicity and convenience
  • Evidence-based enhancement pipeline
  • Prioritization of end-user experience
  • Full product development cycle
  • Compliance with the requirements
  • Selection of optimal development tools tailored to the client's needs
  • Commitment to uncontested efficiency
  • Expertise with various integrated solutions for web, enterprise, and mobile platforms
  • Versatile application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the development
  • Hassle-free deployment and hosting of the finished product
  • Analysis of post-launch feedback and usage statistics
  • Full product support after launch
Enterprise: Enhancing an e-Government Platform
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We developed a system, a part of the global electronic platform, that simplified the processes of collecting taxes and fees, and streamlined the document flow (e.g., income certificates, personal information, etc.).

Technologies used: JEE 7, JPA, Apache DeltaSpike, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JAXB, jBPM, Jasper Reports, Swagger, Arquillian, PostqreSQL, JBoss, Git, Jenkins

Industry: e-Government

Methodology: Agile

IoT: An Artificial Intelligence Platform for Anomaly Detection in Industrial Processes
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We built an end-to-end IoT solution that collects and processes raw telemetry data from smart devices and intelligently generates alerts by analyzing events and patterns of various industrial processes.

Technologies used: Java, Spring Cloud/Spring Boot, Hibernate, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ActiveMQ, AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins

Industry: Internet of Things

Methodology: Agile

Transportation: Online Bus Station: an easy-to-use web platform and mobile application
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Our team has developed a suite of tools and solutions that facilitated bus fare purchasing for riders and simplified coordination between dispatchers and drivers. The suite runs a web and mobile applications simultaneously, which are tailored to the end-user (e.g., a customer, service provider, manager, etc.).

Technologies used: Node.js, Angular (v2-v7), Sails.js, MongoDB, Redis, TypeScript, NativeScript, Angular Material,, Webpack, AppleScript, Digitalocean, Git

Industry: Transportation

Methodology: Agile

e-Learning: STEM content development
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Our production team has been engaged in developing STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and math) content (courses, problems, and solutions) for learning management systems. This includes a full cycle process, from the initial product planning to development to QA, and to the delivery of the final product. The field of expertise comprises chemistry, biology, math, and physics. We have extensive experience working with full-fledged web-based platforms, which provide the interactive environment for XML-based development of the algorithmic content.

Technologies used: HTML5, CSS3, XML, JavaScript

Industry: e-Learning

Methodology: Agile

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