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GRSP Tech’s great work has resulted in a very fast search engine within the platform, quickly showing service booking times available across multiple providers. The client is very satisfied with the services received, as well as with the team’s responsiveness and thoroughness.

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Duration3 years
Team3 Software engineers, Project manager

Technology stack



Bokadirekt is a booking company that specializes in the health and beauty industries. They have around 20,000 professional users and 20 developers, some of which work on a consultancy basis. We also have a marketplace where consumers can book health and beauty services directly. They had a shortage of developers to help them in search engine development.


The objective of this project was to develop a search engine for Bokadirect's e-commerce platform that will provide a better search experience for its users. The search engine was designed to increase the relevance and accuracy of search results, thereby improving the user experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

Requirements & Scope

The requirements for this project include the development of a search engine that can handle large volumes of data and provide fast and accurate search results. The search engine should also be customizable, allowing for the inclusion of specific features that will meet the needs of Bokadirect's users. The scope of this project involved the integration of the search engine into Bokadirect's e-commerce platform, as well as ongoing maintenance and support.


To meet the requirements of this project, we have utilized a technology stack that includes Node.js, .NET, React.js, HTML5, CSS3, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, TypeScript, JavaScript, Webpack, AWS, and Git. These technologies will allow us to develop a robust search engine that can handle large volumes of data and provide fast and accurate search results.

The search engine was designed to be fully customizable, with features such as autocomplete, fuzzy search, and filtering options. We have also implemented machine learning algorithms to continuously improve the relevance and accuracy of search results over time.


The development of a search engine for Bokadirekt's e-commerce platform results in a significant improvement in the search experience for their users. The search engine can handle large volumes of data and provide fast and accurate search results, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, the search engine is customizable, allowing for the inclusion of specific features that meets the needs of Bokadirekt's users.

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