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Program Management and Strategic Resource Planning

Program Management and Strategic Resource Planning Program Management and Strategic Resource Planning
Duration 1 year
Team 2 Software engineers, DevOps engineer, Project manager/Business Analyst

Technology stack

MS Power BIMS OfficeMS Project OnlineMS SharePointMS Power AppsMS Power Automate


The customer's Corporation is a global manufacturing company with operations in over 10 countries. The company had been managing its projects using spreadsheets, manual processes, and basic project management software. With their rapid expansion, they needed to find a more scalable and efficient solution to better manage their resources across all of their projects. We decided to implement Microsoft Project Management Suite including MS Project Online, Power Apps, and Power BI.


The objective of the implementation was to improve resource planning for all projects by having centralized access for everyone involved in project management across the organizationā€™s global offices. Additionally, the customer wanted an automated system that could track the progress of each project as well as manage resources more effectively by enabling collaboration between stakeholders from different departments throughout the life cycle of each project.


Having us as the consultant and vendor the customer began by setting up an instance of MS Project Online to centrally store all data related to tasks and milestones associated with each project. This enabled them to have real-time visibility into resource utilization so they could effectively plan and allocate resources accordingly to avoid conflicts or delays due to a lack of personnel or materials throughout different stages of development.

In addition, we implemented Power Apps for the customer's environment which enabled them to create custom forms that allowed users from other departments such as accounting or marketing provide feedback quickly on any changes made during the development phase without having access directly to MS Project Online database itself which made it easier for everyone involved with a specific task or milestone input information from one central location rather than having multiple documents stored elsewhere that needed updating manually.

Lastly, we integrated Power BI which gave the customer comprehensive reports on program performance against allocated budgets as well as the ability to export visualizations into Excel sheets, or PowerPoint decks so managers could easily identify areas where additional resources may be necessary if performance was not meeting desired goals set out initially before launch date was set in stone.


The implementation resulted in increased efficiency across various departments within the company due to improved collaboration between stakeholders as well as improved visibility into budget allocations against actual resource availability throughout life cycle phases projects were being developed on time, so deadlines were met without any delays due to lack personnel.

Furthermore, since the solution allowed team members to check status updates anytime from anywhere world greatly enhanced the communication process making sure everyone is up to date on important developments whenever happened improving overall productivity organization-wide level allowing focus to get job done quicker and more efficiently. The overall efficiency increases and processes visibility made it possible winning new contracts expanding business reach potentials, which never thought the possible prior implementation of the solutions described here.

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