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Client feedback Owner & CEO, Tocca Entertainment Viktoria Tocca

GRSP Tech's output was able to garner positive feedback from the users that have seen it. The team conducted several Zom meetings and used emails for communication. Their process was easy and they understood the client's needs. They are quick to adapt and solution-focused.

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Duration 3 months
Team 2 Software engineers, DevOps engineer, Project manager/Business Analyst

Technology stack



An entertainment company hired GRSP Tech to develop a unique online personality test. The goal is to have an output that is user-friendly, fun, and accurate.


The objective of this project is to develop an online personality test for an entertainment company that is both fun and accurate. The personality test should provide a positive user experience that engages users and encourages them to share their results with others.

Requirements & Scope

Our team worked closely with the client to understand their vision for the personality test. We developed a customized platform that utilizes the latest technologies and programming languages. The personality test is designed to be user-friendly and fun, with an intuitive interface and engaging graphics. The platform uses a combination of multiple-choice questions and interactive elements to assess the user's personality. The results are generated in real-time and presented in a visually appealing and shareable format. The platform is optimized for desktop and mobile devices and is fully responsive. We have also provided ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the platform is always up-to-date and running smoothly.


To develop the personality test, our team has utilized the following technologies: Node.js, React.js, Gatsby.js, Strapi, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, TypeScript, JavaScript, Webpack, AWS, and Git. These technologies were chosen for their flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Node.js and React.js were used for building the server-side and client-side of the platform, respectively. Gatsby.js was used for generating static files for improved performance. Strapi was used as a headless CMS (Content Management System) to manage content and data. HTML5 and CSS3 were used for the platform's front-end design and layout. TypeScript and JavaScript were used for writing and debugging code. Webpack handles the bundling of assets and modules. AWS provides secure hosting for the platform.


Our team is confident that the customized online personality test we developed met the client's needs and provide a fun and engaging user experience. The platform is user-friendly, accurate, and visually appealing. With its real-time result generation and shareable output, the platform encourages users to share their results with friends and family, increasing engagement and social sharing. By leveraging the latest technologies and programming languages, we created a platform that is both future-proof and scalable, allowing the client to expand and enhance their online presence.

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